Olongapo Hotels and Resorts

Olongapo is well known for its Beaches and its entertainment.the area offers many different types of accommodations.many are very simple and do not meet any international standards but are a good way to meet the locals. the resort we recommend are all to an international level while some are still simple. On the entertainment side, Filipinos love music and many are very talented. Every year thousands of Filipinos travel to other Asian countries as musicians and singers. In the navy days musicians looked upon Olongapo as almost a Mecca. The many clubs offered opportunities that were unmatched in any other part of the Philippines. If a band was lucky enough to get a gig at a club on the base and the sailors like them, they might get a contract to tour military clubs around Asia. Olongapo has long been known for its live music and that tradition continues. Today a large number of Clubs in Olongapo offer live music. The night life can be divided into two main entertainment centers, The Magsaysay Ave Entertainment area near the main gate of the Subic Bay Freeport, is one. They have a large number of clubs with live music as well as Videoke. the area offers a wide range of activities and is where most locals and domestic tourist go. Barrio Barretto which features Gentleman Club style venues and typical watering holes as well as some Videoke. These clubs are primarily focused on foreign guest. The landscape here is in constant change with new clubs opening and others fading away.  Magsaysay information page